A beacon in the sea of California politics.

People say many things about California’s unique legal and political landscape. One thing no one says, however, is that it’s easy to navigate alone.

Our Story

Meet J. Blonien

Experience isn’t given. It’s earned. The Blonien family has a tradition of excellence going back more than a quarter century. We have worked for governors, for state agencies and in the private sector. Now, we work for you.

Gaming Law

Principal Jarhett Blonien continues our tradition of advocacy on behalf of the state’s gaming businesses. From assisting in permit applications through the bureaucratic process to handling appeals of adverse decisions from the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC), we serve as a full-service firm for gaming enterprises in the Golden State.

Public Affairs

Our firm has represented countless individuals, businesses and other organizations throughout California. While our base in Sacramento allows us to be at the center of policymaking in the state, we devote significant time to meeting with our clients regardless of where they are.

Government Relations

Government relations counsel isn’t just for the uninitiated. Even savvy political players can require dynamic counsel to help achieve discrete legal or political goals or to closely follow developments in Sacramento. No matter the scope of services you require, we are prepared to be your voice in the Capitol.

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